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tuesday Jnuary 2007

Swatch watch....I've never made one, blush. I'm founding out now as I'm working on more advanced patterns that maybe I will give it a go!
It seems to be very important when working on these vintage knits.
Anyone now a supplier of nice 3ply yarn in black, chocolate, olive green or red.....I've only spotted it in white....maybe I will have to learn how to dye my own.

I knew something was missing from my beauty regime...but you could take someones eye out wearing these maybe that was the idea....some sort of James Bond weapon


Katt said...

Try Bendigo..They have Classic (a machine washable wool) that has 3 ply..and LOTS of colours! (18 that come in 3ply) including a black (raven), red (holly) and olive green (sequoia) they also have a plum and a claret that are really nice too....



Sharon said...

yes I was going to mention Bendigo.

Cute little dress too.

msfortuknit said...

Look at you go with your jet rocket bra! Do you know that my mother still wears those things?!

BlackCrow said...

Thanks for the tip about Bendigo..... Bendigo woollen Mills. they don't seem to sell online. I did see some up for grabs at ebay but not the colour or ply I wanted.

Your mum sounds like my mum, Msfortuknits, can't throw anything away...I bet she still has them too. She still has kept clothes and lingerie from the 40's,50's and 70's!

Jana said...

I bet the mom's still wear that stuff because it was made much better than and lasted longer. I'm sure there's probably some serious underwires to help that garment keep it's "shape" :)

Anouk looks great, it looks just like the picture in knitty!


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