Yeah!! Look at all my goodies from my secret punkster Pal.....Who is she????
I was dead tired when I arrived home from my weeks splurge in Melbourne, that is until I spotted the big yellow parcel waiting for me on the table.....A good excuse to get others to fix you up a coffee while you open your mail!!!
I love the colours of this sock wool and I'm sure it will become a favorite!
And my very own little red crow note book!!
Opps I almost forgot the Candy Corn in halloween colours!
I've skimmed through the pages of the cook book and have already learnt a few tips on baking.
And I've just about worn the pages of the knit magazine!!!! Thank you very much who ever you are!!!!

I've sooooo much to catch up with.....Next Monday I have a job interview....So keep your fingers and toes all crossed for me.
There is a lot of preparation to do before hand! Yikes!
A lot more photo's to take of consumer goods oh and not too forget my own secret pal...I can't seem to find a box big enough for all her stuff.
Oh well maybe I'll just have to keep it for myself. Ha ha ha!!


Blackie said...

good luck with the interview! missed you on the weekend : (

Sharon said...

Ooooh what lovely goodies there! Is that candy corn? Yummo if it is, the notebook is just perfect.

msfortuknit said...

Who loves my girl?


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