hallooween knit No.1 finished! yippee. I've been wanting to make this hat ever since I bought the first stitch abd bitch book. It's warm and toasty and made from brown sheeps pride worsted wool, courtesy of my secret punk pal...thank you secret pal.
I've spyed a project for the sock wool, 'Hooray for me Gloves'.
I look forward too starting that when I get back from Melbourne.
Off shopping for me and my very own Pal in the states.
So au revoir.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i am so very fond of the kittyville hat--yours looks great!

and what an excellent photo, too

Shannon said...

I'll have to dig mine out, it is getting chilly here!

Glaistig said...

You are so adorable, hee hee :)

sunneshine said...

That looks so cute on you!

msfortuknit said...

you rule!


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