negative panda

why is he negative?? Because I reversed his colour scheme.
I found this little project at wee wonderfuls I wanted to do some hand sewing because my machine is with Bill, my machine repair man.
It's been kind of weird the last two times I took my machine to him as he had just come back from a funeral and there was nothing wrong with my machine except that the first time I had threaded it wrong and the second time I was putting in the needle the wrong way around!
I don't know maybe I should buy a more computerized sewing machine instead of using one of these old fandangled machines...far too many buttons!
The timing is a little bit out so I won't be sewing till the weekend. POO!
I've cut out lots of patterns for bags and another Pointy Kitty and my bustle skirt!!
Oh well I suppose there is nothing left for me but to take up the pencil again... I know a little someone is waiting eagerly to see some sketches!
Oh there is a break in the weather best get out and chop some wood or we'll be freezing tonight!


Sharon said...

I love Negative Panda, he is so cute and black and gorgeous!!

I love older machines they are so sturdy compared to the newer ones.

Blackie said...

i went to look at buying a new machine this week and they freaked me out. i was blown away at how expensive some of them were and holy guacamole all those buttons. all mine has is a handle! better get skecthin' ; )

msfortuknit said...

I love him hes very sweet!

iHanna said...

are you sure you found the pattern at wee wonderfull? I remember seeing a panda somewhere else... yours is fun!


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