just had to have them!!

I don't suppose that not many knitters buy balls of wool because the of colour and not because they have something in mind to make from, worse still only buy one ball of each coloured wool and then loose the labels!#@!?

So what to do with them.....I don't know!
I know that I could easily find the same wool again but its too cold and wet, I can't drive, the busses are too unpredictable and it takes me an hour to walk in plus what am I going to do with it anyway!
They are both a fine kid mohair....any ideas??


Blackie said...

i buy yarn for the colour and texture too...then i get it home and have to figure out what to make with it. might explain why i have a stash of odd balls of wool with no apparant use!

msfortuknit said...

Save it, there will be something that will hit you in the future and youll be like, oh thats why!
Try and stay warm! Its so incredible to me to write with you being that our seasons are opposite! You say cold and wet and I say wet and hot! hahah


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