new do

Took a while for me to get off my butt and give my little goth girl some hair.
I knew I wanted her to have plait's but how to attach them.
I decided to sew a line of back stitches down the middle and around the top of her head.
I then pulled several strands of wool through to the desired thickness and cut them to size.
I made her a pair of toothpick knitting needles and started her off on a little stripy scarf.
I'm thinking about making a little army of these to sell at my next exhibition...what do you think?


Katt said...

I love her! she is so cool! Yep I think making a heap for selling is a great idea!


Sharon said...

Oh yes they would sell very well.

BlackCrow said...

boy you guys where quick :)
Thanks i think I'll head off to spot light tomorrow and buy up some felt!

Blackie said...

the toothpick needles are a stroke of genious

Shannon said...

SO adorable! I would buy one! Eee!

msfortuknit said...

Shes pretty!


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