go juju go!

Juju a free pattern from ANTICraft

I love this little guy so much, he really makes me happy!
I had no hesitation in sticking pins in him what so ever. I though about some of our local and mainland politians and the possums that raid our vegie patch...go get em' juju!!


Katt said...

isnt Juju cute!! I should make one! I have a few people I would think of while stabbing it!


msfortuknit said...

hes adorable like his sister! I think thats why people are frightend to submit their buttons cuz they just dont get much cuter then that! hahah... Seriously, I think it may be because we havent started yet and everyone is so excited that they just dont know what to do?! haah

Cheers for the button! And if no one else submits one then your going to be the only one gettin a sweet prize! Hows that for sharin in the wealth?

BlackCrow said...

woo hoo!


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