foxy lady

Vegan fox from Knitty!

Well I must admit that it was a little like knitting up a road kill and doing a bit of taxidermy.
But thoroughly enjoyable. I love wearing it however as I wear a lot of black he does get lost a bit.
I couldn't decide what colour To get for his eyes so I bought several different packets so depending on what mood I'm in I can change his eye colour:)
I'll have to get a photo of us together.


Sharon said...

Oh he is awesome, yes you must get a photo of you two together. You must get lots of comments about him.

Katt said...

looks great! Cant wait to see piccies of you and it totgether.


Terri said...

This is wonderful! Yes, please - we must see a photo of you both together!!

msfortuknit said...

That is hilarious!!


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