big news!!

In just a couple of hours Jen (my new buddy in knitting) and I will be holding our first Stitch and Bitch get together.
We called ourselves 'More Stitch'n than Bitch'n', and meetings will be held every 1st saturday of the month at the comfy surroundings of Kaos Cafe, in not very sunny overcast and rainy Hobart:)
I'm nervous:}
Wish us luck and you can check out our goings on by going to our blog.
Not much to see other than the flyer that went around town this week.
Not sure what to take with me, what to wear, yikes I best get ready......bye


Shannon said...

Have a great time! I will be starting a new SnB most likely. It will be me, and um, me. My husband will be there reading, cheering me on. Heh. Its all good, I really like the coffee house we go to :) Also, there's a great coffee house right around the corner from me! Bonus!

Sharon said...

Have a great time, happy knitting ;)


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