getting crafty

My miniature sewing phase, he is only 3 inches high
hand sewn, raw canvas.

Must be the full moon but I've been feeling rather crafty.
Way before I knitted I sewed and before that I made jewelry.

I never sewed clothes or anything practical like that I made strange painted dolls.
Only one of my dolls still exists the others where stolen and I have no photo's of them.

The only known survivor

I've been talking about having an exhibition now for a long time and this year is going to be it (I PROMISE!!).
Just a little obsessed by knitting and probably blogging, but I have been working on a painting of a boxer(not the doggy kind), and I thought about making up some dolls to go with it.
I've cut out one already as a test run, now all I have to do is FIX MY BLOODY SEWING MACHINE!!
But I guess I could hand sew it.
I'll post up more pics as I get going.

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Katt said...

that minature bear is gorgeous!!



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