false start to the Knit Olympics!

After A very very bad start to my cable cap for the Knitting Olympics, ie. my 6.5 circular was actually a 4.5 circular put into the wrong packet!!!
Its been frogged twice already but I think now I'm on the home run.
The only problem is I think that I will be finishing this a lot quicker than I thought.
I still have to source out the material for the brim and I still need to get 6.5 double pointed.

On a brighter note a friend of mine and I will be starting up our own knitting group, 'More Stitchin' than Bitchin'.
I'll post up more information about it soon. It should be fun.

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TutleyMutley said...

Wahey - another s&b gets it together - looks like mine might be getting off the ground too - will compare notes.


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