Pink Bunny

Must be all the sugar and wine I've been consuming lately, but I've decided what my next project will be. It's another bunny!!! You must admit he is cute, although I am thinking of changing him a little.

I wasn't going to knit another toy until I saw this site by Jess Hutch and it got me to thinking??? All will be revelled later:)

Oh I finished the 'Mini Sweater', at long last and I'm having a little private celebration here on my own. I'll post a photo of it next year, which is only 30 minutes away!
And I did want to start my Beret, but to my horror I don't own a size 8 needle!!!! POO!!
Before it gets to midnight I want to begin my 'Bunny', I'm home alone; DBF is playing in his band tonight, and its raining cats and dogs outside, the cats even more antisocial. Time to knit me a bunny mate. Happy New Year!!!


Shannon said...

I didn't love knitting this bunny. I wish mine turned out as cute as this little one :( Boo! But bunnies rock!

BlackCrow said...

Well who know's he might not even turn out to be a bunny when I get through with him;)

ag said...

so long as it ain't a bunny that goes for one's heels!


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