Bad Bunny!!

Bad BUNNY!!!, All was going well until I was on the last row for the arms, I don't know what happened I had dropped stitches, picked up stitches where I wasn't supposed to be, and I couldn't work out the instructions, so bunny was frogged!!!!!
But I have started again and I'm still stuck on that last bit of instructions for the arms!!!



RheLynn said...

Poor bunny :o( Hope it turns out all right!

I'm sure the one I knit would have went better... if I had followed the pattern ;o)

BlackCrow said...

Thankyou for your sentiment..

But I'm excited now as I posted a topic on the knitters Review forum asking for help, and had a reply so hop hop off to knit bunny's head and ears.

Casually Me said...

Made it to 41 and no kids??? You have a knitting blog? Is there a connection? Do you have 35 cats? LOL. Kidding. Nice blog, thanks.

Sharon said...

Bunny will be so cute when finished, I don't know if I could knit with yarn that reminded me of spiders, I would have nightmares!!


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