Robbie The Radient Robot

What brilliant pattern by Danger Crafts, I bought the pattern from Danger Crafts Etsy shop, so many very cool patterns to choose from..but the recipient of this little robot belongs to a very robot loving family so he was just perfect.
He was easy to knit and sew together. A few things I changed was knitting him with sports weight yarn on 2.25mm needles. I really like the colour of that yarn and and mixing it with the orange and red gave him a very cool retro feel. To finish off the feet I did at first try the three needle cast off and even though I liked the seam it made I decided to cast off using the Kitchener stitch.


Warming the city with knit griffiti


 pom pom tree, Rosny farm, St.Art Festival

knitting up a storm!

Knitting up a yarnbomb that is. For the past couple of months the newly formed Garter Gang have been knitting and knitting and knitting for the Clarence council, that's a local Hobart council here in Tasmania, for their annual St.Art festival. We were very chuffed to have been asked by the events organizers to make Rosny bus mall a warm a wooly environment and to put a smile on the public's face, as they board their bus to and from their daily grind.

 Our knitted cosy's get stitched up tomorrow afternoon and on Saturday, 25th of August,  we are hosting a workshop on knit graffiti.The workshop will run from 1-5pm at the Rosny Farm
And who knows we may have legions of minion knitters knitting up sign posts and hand rails all over Tasmania!

it's been a while

What happened..it's not like I totally disappeared...and I never stopped knitting..I just became busy with other stuff..like painting, dolls, cooking, photography..social networking, running a business, exhibitions, markets, moving and life!
But I have definitely been knitting..slowly finishing off my wips and starting new projects...here's something I made a while back for my nephews bride...she loved it and it looked great.
That's two I've made for brides..I want one for myself !!
Now enough time has passed for me to almost forget the grief they cased me and the pain in my hands for knitting such fine cotton on size 2 needles.
I might even make them black just to add that bit of masochism!


alas poor Chauncey

See I have been knitting....
Trying to squeeze more hours into the day to do something pleasurable like knitting has been pretty tricky lately. My painting has taken off quite quickly I've had to exhibitions recently and a third on the way plus keeping up supplies to galleries that are selling my work!
I've also hit the market scene so the hours between sleeping and breakfast are reserved for making items to sell, like dolls and pin cushions.
I have been missing my knitting quite a bit so I figure those lost in minutes when one is procrastinating before starting the next painting  could be better spent knitting...and this is what I made Chauncey by Dee Brown.
I've been wanting to knit this guy up for a while now and because I've been sooooo good, finished on of my UFO's, I told myself that it was ok to sneak a new project in before finishing off another UFO!
As for my finished UFO I haven't managed to get a good shot of it on my head..might need to get an extra pair of hands to help! But as soon as possible I'll post up pic of my new hat! 
gotta dash!


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